I help businesses get more customers and sales by standing out on google above competitors!

Having trouble standing out online or converting your word-of-mouth praise into online recognition? Overwhelmed by trying to market your business on top of everything else?

Well I'm here to help boost your Google visibility and ensure your online image matches your offline reputation.



Sean Beaty

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Mike Braun

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A Little Bit About Me

As a former Marine Corps Rifleman and LAV Crewman, I learned discipline and responsibility, skills I've applied to my entrepreneurial journey. Supported by my wife, Tiffany, and our daughters, I transitioned from a UPS driver to helping local businesses grow. My focus is on increasing the customer base and sales for these businesses, leveraging Google and a business's database.

A key achievement in my career was transforming Ortman Farms from having no online presence to a thriving digital enterprise. I built their internet directories, generated customer reviews, designed their website, and set up their Google Business Profile. I also provided a solution that streamlined their customer interactions and enabled effective monthly newsletters and SMS campaigns. Additionally, I developed an e-commerce store for Ortman Farms, enhancing their order management and payment processing capabilities. My ongoing consultation and Facebook ad management continue to be a part of their growth story.

I’ve also significantly increased customer engagement and sales for businesses like Frank at Jack Green Men's Shop and Sharfi at Maryland Body Sculpting. My approach combines overlooked strategies with customer lifetime value. My goal is to empower local businesses to succeed and expand. This journey from disciplined Marine to dedicated entrepreneur reflects my commitment to hard work and the power of support. I'm passionate about using my skills to help local businesses achieve their full potential.

Quick Question

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